Foods To Heal Leaky Gut

The balance of microorganisms living in the digestive tract is essential for healthy gut. Gut microbiome is instrumental in the advancement and growth of many diseases like inflammatory and metabolic disorders, cancer, and as well as depression. Leaky Gut Leaky gut is a disease that causes openings in the lining of the intestinal walls which cause bacteria and food particles to enter into the bloodstream. Intestinal epithelial cells act as a barrier and stops waste particles and food to enter into the bloodstream. However in leaky gut due to microorganism …

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FAQ l Vegan Protein

Question The absorption of vegan protein is poor against animal sources in the body . Is it a myth or fact? Answer Plant proteins are somewhere between 60-80% digestibility on average depending on the source, whereas animal-based sources have been consistently shown to have >90% digestibility. So basically, plant based proteins have lesser bioavailability hence …

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