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Vitiligo course is so powerful as it allows us to bring a positive change in someone's life. The joy in my client's cheerful voice was priceless. All possible because of the right nutrition intervention.
Well structured courses. I did supplement and gut health courses. Got to learn alot. Within 20 days i was able to help my client recover from gut health issues.

Dhanashree Rabha
Attending the courses has given me the confidence to advise my clients on their nutrition needs. The course delivery is simple yet meaningful. My clients are also happy with my holistic approach.
Fitness Trainer


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Our Most Popular Courses

Discover Science. Plan Action.


Vitiligo Treatment: Diet & Supplements Guide

A scientific backup of interesting studies and databases that will help you to find short, simple, and effective remedies for Vitiligo.


GUT HEALTH: Secret Prescription Foods and Supplements

Guide to improve gut health through NUTRITION + Powerful counseling tips


Supplement Prescription Made Easier Level 1

This online supplement course will help you learn about Glutamine, BCAA, Whey, Casein, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Calcium, Curcumin, Tulasi, Amalaki, Melatonin.


Supplement Prescription Made Easier Level 2

This online supplement course will help you learn about Vegan protein, L-carnitine, CLA, HMB, Vitamin B12, Zinc, ZMA, Creatine, B-alanine, Green tea extract, Gingko Biloba.


Supplement Prescription Made Easier Level 3

This online supplement course will help you learn about Vitamin D, Iron, Citrulline Malate, Alphaketo Glutarate, Arginine, Gymnema , Red clover, Fenfuro.


11 powerful tools to mastering your online nutrition counseling

Utilizing available resources to make online nutrition counseling experience as effective as face to face appointments.


Fitness Trainers Nutrition: Fuel Your & Client’s Workout

Knowing these workout nutrition secrets will make your diet advice more scientific.


Supplement Prescription Made Easier Level 4

This is a heavy-hitting course, not for the novice nutritionist. You have to be seriously dealing with the cases of PCOS, Thyroid, and IBS to do this course.


Tennis Nutrition

Nutrition secrets of elite athletes to ACE performance.


The Vegan Diet FAQ Series

Celebrity sports nutritionist Ryan Fernando answering the most frequently asked questions about the vegan diet


Caffeine Intake in Pregnancy

Learn how to read and interpret the scientific papers


21-day Immunity Reset

Everything you need to know about your own body’s Immune system and how to optimize, boost and support your Immunity.


Micronutrients and Premenstrual Syndrome

Learn how to read and interpret the scientific papers


Non-Nutritional Sweeteners And Their Effect On Appetite With Special Emphasis To Stevia

Learn how to read and interpret the scientific papers


Role of Glutathione in COVID-19

Learn how to read and interpret the scientific papers


Deciphering Medicinal Properties Of Turmeric And Garlic

Learn how to read and interpret the scientific papers


DOCD Solutions- The forgotten basics about digestion and detoxing. Its key-function for total health

Learn from the famous author of the book "The Alkaline Cure". Dr Stephan Domenig & apply world's best healing methods in your practice.


Masterclass With Ryan Fernando

Celebrity Nutritionist Ryan Fernando will teach you the science of foods and the nutrition approach for a healthy lifestyle.

Upgrade your nutritional knowledge with our courses

Ryan Fernando — Nutrition Guru

You will learn how to  effectively communicate with your clients by simplifying the scientific information in a manner which is easy to understand for them and helps to develop a connection and a long term relationship.

In today’s world, the ease of access to loads of information available online has made learning easy but it lacks credibility and practicality. We bring to you relevant information from around the globe.

The courses are structured based on the counseling of thousands of athletes and working with over 300 Dietitians over 2 decades, helping you gain vital information, understand the importance of nutrition in health & performance, learn nutrition hacks, create a healthy diet for your client & yourself, but above all it will help you understand the tricks of the trade.

What Our Students Have to Say

It was a great experience attending the course since it was not a typical classroom but had good relatable examples and best were the case studies at the end which actually tested our skills.
Prateek Kumar
Before doing your workshop I was against supplementation...the way you teach is really awesome...I am now understanding the value and importance of supplementation.
Poonam Upadhyay
The most important thing I got to learn was the Decision Tree Analysis while prescribing supplements which we don't get to see in the syllabus.
Sneha Paranjape
I got to learn a lot. The best part was the case study discussion it allowed us to apply our learning in real-life scenarios.
Mariam Lakdawala
The workshop delivers more than what is expected, information conveyed is not in any books, i will urge everyone to do all 5 levels.
Shilpa Mittal
supplement guidance by guru of sports nutrition , superb, indepth knowledge, it was beyond expectation , i am more confident in supplement prescription now.
Sheba Abraham
The way technology was used made it (workshop) very interactive by putting the opinion polls which provided an immense experience of participation.
Flt Lt Sonal Saxena
Zin Zumba Instructor
You discuss each supplement in so practical way that it clears all our doubts and queries about What, Why, How & When to give supplements.

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