11 powerful tools to mastering your online nutrition counseling

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Each one of us is compelled to find alternatives to sustain and work online amidst the ongoing pandemic. While some of us have aced it, most of us still struggle to function online. The days where we thrived on the face to face interactions are now replaced with screens. While one might be aware of today’s modern solutions for conducting an online counseling session with clients we at Institute Nutrition bring to you a practical crash course on getting tech savvy and make online nutrition counseling experience appealing to your client.

Key Features

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Sample Certificate
1. Introduction to different modes of conducting online counseling session
(will include setting up an account, a demo of scheduling call)
a) Whatsapp
b) Skype
d) Google meet
e) Microsoft meetings
2. Selecting a good mic
3. Setting up audio and video (with lights and reduce background noise)
4. Tips to grooming and dressing up for online counseling
5. How to talk to your clients when speaking with them online (greeting them, ending the call, small talk)
6. How to design background for online counseling
7. Taking body measurements, assessment for online counseling
8. What all to keep ready from previous counseling
9. What to be prepared with before an online counseling
10. Troubleshooting errors while ongoing online counseling
11. Overall tips to improve online counseling