Supplement Prescription Made Easier Level 3

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Learn the good, bad and ugly of supplements. Allow yourself the ability to see all facets of a diet case and peel back the layers on supplements which can be used or not used.

This online nutrition course aims to empower dietitians, nutritionists, trainers, fitness professionals, or anyone for that matter with the right knowledge and practical approach to learn to understand, identify and recommend supplements.

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Student Reviews about This Course

it was a excellent course ,as usual explained very well in details with the resources and i think it should be included in our nutrition courses.
Simmi Khanna
Yes, i am sure it will help me guide vitiligo patients better in terms of nutritional help and guidance.
Mansi Chaudhary
Clinical dietitian
This course was very interesting especially the small video bits helps in better grasping of the information and the best part was quiz . Looking forward to more Superb learning.
I enjoyed learning. Definitely learnt something new. The course was to the point, very clear and informative. Very useful in our daily practice in a sense that we can educate the client and at the same understand what dietary intervention to be given.
Seema Pandey