Tips For Dietitians To Improve Online Nutrition Counselings

Each one of us is compelled to find alternatives to sustain and work online amidst the ongoing pandemic. While some of us have aced it, most of us still struggle to function online. The days where we thrived on the face to face interactions are now replaced with screens.

Here are few tips on how you can effectively embrace this change and enhance client’s counseling experience.

1. Choose the mode of online counseling

Zoom, Whatsapp, Skype , Google Meet are a few of the platforms that you can use to conduct online counseling. While WhatsApp may rate high on the ease of use, it does not record the video session, which might be useful when preparing a nutrition plan for the client.

What if you missed out on some information or was not able to note down key points. As a dietitian/nutritionist you can’t afford to go back to the client frequently to get information as it won’t look professional at your end. Better to have a recording of the session. 

2. Select a good mic

Great counseling sessions start with a great mic. If your audio quality is poor, your clients’ counseling experience will suffer.

Clients can easily get irritated if they cannot hear you or cannot comprehend your message because of noise disturbance in the background. Do not use your mobile headsets, invest in the right mic.  

3. Groom Well

Proper grooming and professional appearance are necessary in order to gain respect in the workplace. The way you look and handle yourself makes an impact on the people you’re working with.

Even if you are working out of your room, far from your client, you still need to put in the effort to make your presence felt.

4. Utilize right tools

If a client is not able to pay you a visit or is based out of a different city/country you can use different tools in order to get the desired information. These tools are not restricted to counseling specific needs such as online body assessment tools but also includes applications that are freely available on the internet to communicate your message, for instance, you can share a youtube video link with your client on how to use a certain product.

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