You Can Be The Next Celebrity Nutritionist

Revealing nutrition secrets that i have used in my practice for over 2 decades to win 2 Olympic medals, 2 Guinness world records in human performance and make human body perform on beast mode

My Name Is Ryan Fernando

Every morning I get up with single-minded vision to make every human perform better by changing the way they eat.

Only a few professions on the earth has the power to bring a positive impact on someone’s life, and Nutrition is one such field.

I’ve devoted my life to learning the science of food. I have applied these learnings in my practice, and now I have some secrets to tell you.

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What Our Students Have to Say

It was a great experience attending the course since it was not a typical classroom but had good relatable examples and best were the case studies at the end which actually tested our skills.
Prateek Kumar
Before doing your workshop I was against supplementation...the way you teach is really awesome...I am now understanding the value and importance of supplementation.
Poonam Upadhyay
The most important thing I got to learn was the Decision Tree Analysis while prescribing supplements which we don't get to see in the syllabus.
Sneha Paranjape
I got to learn a lot. The best part was the case study discussion it allowed us to apply our learning in real-life scenarios.
Mariam Lakdawala
The workshop delivers more than what is expected, information conveyed is not in any books, i will urge everyone to do all 5 levels.
Shilpa Mittal
supplement guidance by guru of sports nutrition , superb, indepth knowledge, it was beyond expectation , i am more confident in supplement prescription now.
Sheba Abhram
The way technology was used made it (workshop) very interactive by putting the opinion polls which provided an immense experience of participation.
Flt Lt Sonal Saxena
Zin Zumba Instructor
You discuss each supplement in so practical way that it clears all our doubts and queries about What, Why, How & When to give supplements.
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