Vitiligo Treatment: Diet & Supplements Guide

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VITILIGO is a progressive depigmentation of the skin (appearing as white patches), thereby having a tremendous psycho-social, emotional as well as nutritive impact on the quality of life today. Unfortunately the chronic nature of the disease, lack of appropriate knowledge and unpredictable therapies prove to be highly demoralizing and disfiguring in all races; which brings us to a direction of finding a better treatment response for them. 

Key Features

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Almost 2% of the population worldwide are victims of the disease which equalizes to approximately 150 million! Even the legend Micheal Jackson was burdened with vitiligo.

A dip into the insights you would gain from the course:

  • Enlightenment about the progressive nature of the disease.
  • Distinguish between the size and origin of the patches.
  • Identify 10+ triggers from your periodic lifestyle.   
  • Learn about the genesis that triggers the white patches.   
  • Figure out the triggering compounds in dyes and skin lightening creams. 
  • Discover 5+ super foods on your plate that counter vitiligo
  • Learn how 3 identified strains of bacteria enhances the immune response towards vitiligo.   
  • Why rigorous exercise is forbidden in vitiligo.
  • 8 dietary supplements every vitiligo patient must know about.
  • Discover the remedies given by ancient ayurveda 100 of years ago.

Promise which I make:

A person having vitiligo needs this knowledge. The medical fraternity has simply classified it as an autoimmune disease. Nutrition is the only choice for the bearer of this condition. This course will give you confidence and advisory guidance to handling your client’s vitiligo condition.


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it was a excellent course ,as usual explained very well in details with the resources and i think it should be included in our nutrition courses.
Simmi Khanna
Yes, i am sure it will help me guide vitiligo patients better in terms of nutritional help and guidance.
Mansi Chaudhary
Clinical dietitian
This course was very interesting especially the small video bits helps in better grasping of the information and the best part was quiz . Looking forward to more Superb learning.
I enjoyed learning. Definitely learnt something new. The course was to the point, very clear and informative. Very useful in our daily practice in a sense that we can educate the client and at the same understand what dietary intervention to be given.
Seema Pandey