21-day Immunity Reset

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Optimize and boost your immunity in 21-days

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Human health comprises of physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual health all working together in complete harmony. 

This course consists of 7 modules that cover everything from the immune system and balanced nutrition to quality sleep and mindfulness & emotional wellbeing.

You will receive a 21-day meal plan to help you reset and integrate immune-boosting foods into your diet accompanied by Dr. Mani’s favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipesGrocery lists, a guide to superfoods, a guide to antiviral foods, and Dr. Mani’s personal recommendations are all included in this course.

Better understanding of these concepts will help nutrition professionals to  adopt a comprehensive approach towards solving their client’s issues.

Register now to better understand how your immune system works and get equipped to make choices that support your health.

If you have any of these issues..

The underlying cause of these issues is often a compromised immune system and imbalanced harmony within your body.

With the right knowledge, balanced nutrition, physical activity, quality sleep, and emotional wellness you can take the right step in your journey to health and wellness.

I have good news for you!

In the LivAgeWell 21-day Immune Reset course, I will share information to help you understand the different components of the immune system and how this system works in your body so you are equipped to make choices that support your health.

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Meet The Instructor

Hello there, I’m Dr. Mani

Creator of the 21-Day Immunity Reset Course

I’m a MD, MPH, integrative health and wellness expert, clinical researcher, speaker, and founder of Livagewell. My primary focus is to help my clients practice an optimized and functionally healthy lifestyle. My practice is based on finding deep and lasting healing by addressing the root cause of illness by implementing healthy nutrition, stress management, detoxification, and lifestyle changes into daily routines to combat inflammation, balance hormones and metabolism, improve gut health and digestive issues, reduce food sensitivities, acne, fatigue, low immune function and brain fog, just to name a few. The immune system is the first and last line of defense in the human body. A weak immune system hosts numerous diseases and illnesses, therefore it is very important to understand, what immune system does, how it works, and it’s individual components. To help you achieve that, I have created an educational course “21-Day Immunity Reset” to learn about your immune system and ensure optimal functioning of it all.